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  • Capture a Child's Smile with the DaisyGrip...
    A must-have tool for anyone who photographs children.

    Developed by a professional child photographer, the Daisygrip gives you the power to take control of the space just above your camera by holding smartphones, toys, or puppets. With the DaisyGrip you can put on a puppet show or attach a child’s favorite stuffed animal. Or better yet, stick your iPhone® playing Dora the Explorer® into the DaisyGrip, and those natural smiles and giggles are yours for the capturing!

    1. puts a child at ease and gets them to look right at the camera
    2. great for child-photographer interaction…enhance your story-telling magic with a monster puppet sitting above your lens
    3. great for close-ups…play a child’s favorite cartoon just above your lens with your iPhone®!
    4. easily grips a toy, stuffed animal, finger or a hand puppet!
    5. easily grips a smartphone large or small…the iPhone® 7 Plus is no problem!
    6. holds smartphones with or without a protective case…no case swapping required!
    7. attaches to a standard SLR hot shoe
    8. attaches to the top of a tripod via it's ¼-20 screw
    9. free your hot shoe for a flash or transmitter by using a DaisyBracket to mount your DaisyGrip to your camera
    1. an ultra-flexible hand that rotates 360˚
    2. hand's 4 fingers are easily bent, yet firmly maintain a grip
    3. hand measures 7″ x 4.75″ with fingers fully open
    4. hand is supported on a reinforced 6″ articulating arm 
    5. arm holds objects up to 12 oz when horizontall over a lens
    6. arm holds objects up to 2 lbs when vertical above a camera
    7. arm has a heavy duty male hot shoe adapter at it's base
    8. hot shoe adapter has a ¼-20 female screw on it's bottom
    9. daisygrip attaches to a camera's female hot shoe adapter
    10. daisygrip also attaches to the top of a tripod via a 1/4x20 screw
    11. daisygrip weighs just 3 oz in total
    12. assembled in the USA
  • Our Promise to You…

    We want you to be completely happy with your DaisyGrip. And we are confident that you will. If for any reason during the first 45 days should you become unhappy with your DaisyGrip, please let us know and we will make things right, or refund your money. If at anytime during the first 365 days, should the DaisyGrip fail or need repair due to wear and tear, just let us know and we will take care of it for you. If you have a problem or concern after one year, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do the best we can to make you happy.

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